Excerpt :

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The office of the Senator for Mandera County is committed to working with the national and county government to ensure the lives and security of the residents of their county is protected as provided for in the Constitution. In particular, the senate office will:-

  1. Ensure government provides adequate security officers and equipments to the different agencies in the county
  2. Pursue national government at all times to safeguard the borders of the county to prevent incursions from other countries and counties
  3. Work with local and political leaders in the county to resolve and eliminate clan conflicts
  4. Continue to give support to community efforts to be vigilant on matters of security, and to supports all measures to enhance community policing
  5. Ensure that police response to security threats and reports at all times is acted upon by engaging them regularly.

The office of Mandera senator will also be vigilant against police excesses and violations of the rights of the residents at all times.

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