Excerpt :

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The office of Mandera senator will work with all stakeholders to reverse the poor performance trends in education at all levels in the county. These includes:-

  • Pursuing the recruitment of adequate teachers in the county
  • Work with both levels of government to ensure training of local manpower in education so that the county will have adequate local resources
  • Ensure that the county government will support education through investment in infrastructure, libraries, training and interventions to fill gaps left by the national government
  • Participate in all educational forums to encourage parents, students and the local community
  • Strongly pursue the establishment of adequate and properly equipped TIVET centres across the counties.

The senate office will also ensure all children of school going age pursue education, both secular and religious.

The senate office will also work with all MPs to ensure that they invest adequately in infrastructure and IT in the schools, and provide adequate bursary to all needy students.

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